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City of Madison Fire Department


Internet Training Resource And Information Network

The Madison Fire Department is a innovative, nationally recognized fire department providing a quality service to the city of Madison and surrounding areas. To assure the highest quality the department is committed to providing the best possible education and training to its members. Historically this was accomplished during annual In-service training and through our Training Division using traditional delivery methods in a classroom or at a training site.

With the iTrain system we are providing training and education asynchronously to members of the department, the community and our collaborative partners throughout the state. This provides training and education upon demand verses a predetermined scheduled time. This on demand delivery allows education and training to meet the needs of the individual and crews at the best time for them. This has become more and more critical as the call volumes increase and the demand for a flexible training delivery schedule increases with limited resources.

Please feel free to explore the various areas in our virtual training division and feel free to comment on your experience.


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